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Check marks indicate worksheets that have been finalized in the most current update.

Win Mac      
     1099-MISC Worksheet
     1099-R Worksheet
     8582 Worksheets - not really a TaxCut worksheet; part of the form
     8606 Worksheet
     8615 Worksheet
     Attachment Worksheet For 1040
     Background Worksheet
     Capital Gains and Losses Worksheet
     Charitable Donations Worksheet
     Child Tax Credit Worksheet
     Child/Dependent Care
     Dependents Worksheet
     Dependents Attachment Worksheet
     Depreciation Summary
     Depreciation Worksheet
     Dividend Summary
     Elderly/Disabled Credit Worksheet
     Filing Checklist
     Filing Status Calculator
     Home Mortgage Interest Worksheet
     Interest Summary
     IRA Contributions
     Incentive Stock Option (ISO) Worksheet
     Last Year's Data Worksheet
     Do You Need 1040?
     Non-W2 Wages Worksheet
     Noncash or Item Donations
     Dividends/ Capital Gain Worksheet
     Personal Use Alternative Vehicles
     Rebate Worksheet (NEW)
     Rentals and Royalties Worksheet
     Roth Contributions
     Roth Conversions
     Sale of Home Worksheet
     Social Security Worksheet
     State and Local Income Tax
     H&R Block Tax Payment Planner
     Tuition Payments
     Two Year Summary
     US Averages Worksheet
     Vehicle Worksheet
     W-2 Worksheet
     W-2G Worksheet
     W-4 Worksheet
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