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    Updates and Workarounds for the 2001 Federal Macintosh Edition

    If you're having problems updating TaxCut from within the program, follow the instructions below to download and install the update from this location. If you haven't tried updating TaxCut by choosing Update TaxCut from the Tools menu, we recommend that you try this method first.

    • If you bought TaxCut on a CD, click here.

    • If you downloaded TaxCut from an Internet Store, click here.

    Installing the Program Update

    1. Click the Update link above to download, and save the file to the hard disk. Remember its location. Do not save the file in the same folder that contains your TaxCut 2001 program files.
    2. Close TaxCut, if it's open.
    3. Click on the TaxCut 2001 Update C icon.
    4. The update program will now update your version of TaxCut 2001. Click the Quit button when the update is finished to close the update program.
    5. The old TaxCut 2001 program files will be automatically placed in the trash. Your returns will not be deleted.
    6. Empty the trash.