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TaxCut 2003 Federal EZ Windows Update Instructions
    Before downloading the update from below, check the version number of your TaxCut program.
      1. Open TaxCut.
      2. Go to the Tools menu; and select About TaxCut.
      3. If you have version 7301, you do not need to update. If you have any other version number, you need to update your program.

    To update TaxCut, start the TaxCut program and then choose Update TaxCut from the Tools menu.

    If you have problems updating TaxCut from within the program as described above, follow the instructions below to download and install the update from this Web site.
      1. Click here to download the update. Most browsers will prompt you to save the file (TaxCut_2003_Federal_UpdaterB.exe) to disk. Choose a place to save the file, and remember its location. We recommend that you do not save it in the TaxCut03 folder.
      2. If it is open, close TaxCut.
      3. Open Windows Explorer. Locate the file (TaxCut_2003_Federal_UpdaterB.exe); and double-click it.
      4. To complete the installation, follow the instructions displayed by the update program.