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Updates for the TaxCut 2004 Federal Macintosh Edition

    The Federal update includes any changes we've made to the TaxCut program and to the draft versions of forms that were not finalized by the IRS at the time we originally shipped TaxCut.

    To update your copy of TaxCut for the 2004 tax year, open TaxCut and choose Update TaxCut from the Tools menu.

    If you have problems updating TaxCut from within the program as described above, follow the instructions below to download and install the update from this Web site.

    1. Click here to the download the update.
    2. Save the file to your hard disk. Remember its location.
    Note: Do not save the file in the same folder that contains your TaxCut 2004 program files.
    3. Your Web browser will expand the TaxCut_2004_UpdaterC.sit file to generate the TaxCut 2004 Updater C file. If your browser does not automatically expand the file, you will need to double-click the .sit file.
    4. If it is open, close TaxCut.
    5. Double-click the file TaxCut 2004 Updater C.
    6. Click the Quit button when the update is finished. This will close the update program.
    7. The old TaxCut 2004 program files will be overwritten. Your returns will not be deleted.