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TaxCut 2005 Federal Edition Updates

    The Federal update includes changes we?ve made to TaxCut including updates to draft versions of forms that were not finalized by the IRS at the time we originally shipped TaxCut.

    Update within TaxCut (recommended)

      To update from within TaxCut:
        1. Open TaxCut.
        2. Go to the Tools menu, and select Update TaxCut.
        3. The program will step you through the rest of the process.


    Download and Install Update Yourself

    If you are unable to update within TaxCut, you can download the update from our website by completing the following steps:

      1. Determine which version of TaxCut you have.
        • Open TaxCut.

        • From the Help menu, select About TaxCut.

        • Note the TaxCut version in italics at the top of the window (see example outlined in red in the figure below).

        Note: If you select the wrong version, the update will not work.

      2. Select your version from the dropdown list, then click the Download Update button.
      3. When prompted to save the update file to disk save it to your desktop. The file will be named TaxCut_2005_Federal_Deluxe_UpdaterD.exe or something similar depending on which version of TaxCut you are updating.

      4. Close TaxCut, if it is open.

      5. Double-click the update file (example TaxCut_2005_Federal_Deluxe_UpdaterD.exe) on your desktop (or in another location you saved it to).

      6. To complete the installation, follow the instructions displayed by the update program.