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    1995 Federal Macintosh Edition Updates
    Download Macintosh Federal Update Now!
    1. Close TaxCut if it is open.
    2. Double-click on UPDAT95B.SEA icon to extract the Update B Program files.
    3. Drag the TCFTL.95 and US2119Q1.HDL file icons to the TaxCut Sys folder, located in the Kiplinger TaxCut `95 folder.
    4. Click the OK button to confirm that you want to copy the newer version of these files to the folder. If you installed the Electronic Filing and Printing Update (Update1.0.1), you are finished. If you did not install the previous update, complete the following steps.
    5. Double-click the TaxCut '95 Update 1.0.1 icon. A selection dialog appears and automatically selects the Kiplinger TaxCut '95 program.
    6. Click the Update button. The Update Program installs a new version of Kiplinger TaxCut `95 and renames the previous version Old Kiplinger TaxCut `95. Run the new version of Kiplinger TaxCut to ensure that it works properly. Once you have verified this, you can delete Old Kiplinger TaxCut '95 by dragging its icon to the Trash.