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    1995 Federal Windows Edition Updates
    Download Windows Federal Update Now!
    1. Close TaxCut if it is open.
    2. Open the File Manager or Windows 95 Explorer.
    3. Locate the File UPDAT95B.EXE and Double Click it.
    4. A message box appears. After reading Click the OK button.
    5. The WinZip Self-Extractor dialog appears. The default installation directory is C:\TAXCUT95. If you installed TaxCut on a different drive or in a different directory, enter the correct directory path in the Unzip to Directory box.
    6. Make sure the option, When Done Unzipping Run: Update.Bat, is checked. If it is not checked, click the option name to select it.
    7. Choose the Unzip button.
    8. When the Update Program completes the installation, choose the OK button to run the update procedure. The Update Program begins. This may take several minutes depending upon your PC's processor speed. The update will indicate when it has completed the update procedure by displaying the message: Patch is finished updating TaxCut 95. Press any key to continue....
    9. When prompted, press any key to exit.