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    1997 State Macintosh Edition Updates

    1. Click the download link here . Save the file (tcnyupda.hqx) to the hard disk and remember its location. Do not save the file in the same folder that contains your Kiplinger TaxCut program files.
    2. If you are running anti-virus software, temporarily disable any virus protection extensions by holding down the Shift key while restarting your Macintosh.
    3. Quit TaxCut if it's open.
    4. If the TaxCut NY '97 Update folder doesn't automatically appear, double-click the tcnyupda.hqx file and/or the tcnyupda.sea icon.
    5. Open the TaxCut NY '97 Update folder, and double-click the TaxCut NY '97 Update icon.
    6. Click the Update button. The Update program creates a new TaxCut NY '97 icon.
    7. Drag the "Old TaxCut NY '97" icon to the trash.
    8. Drag the files from the folder titled "Move Contents into the TaxCut Sys" into the TaxCut Sys folder. The TaxCut Sys folder is located in the Kiplinger TaxCut '97 folder on your hard drive.